A in San Francisco, CA

The owner delivered the food herself. Everything tasted great and they were a pleasure to work with!

Rolanda in San Francisco, CA

Thanks to the business for supplying things I forgot to order. It was greatly appreciated. Salad bar is always a fan favorite.

Wendy in Oakland, CA

Beautiful spread. right on time. LOVE the different options! perfect for those guests with dietary restrictions. I always like Creative Ideas, Everyone said that they really loved the meal. Will order again.

Alexandria in Oakland, CA

Delicious hot breakfast! Our vegan colleagues loved the tofu scramble. The seasonal fruit salad was very fresh. Ours included raspberries, which everyone enjoyed. The sweet potato hash was also a fan favorite.

Harold in San Francisco, CA

First time ordering from creative ideas and my team of 30 people was pleased! The breakfast sandwiches were really good, and they also had a great continental spread. If you are ordering for large groups, I recommend Creative Ideas, their package satisfies everything you need, from protein, to coffee, to juice!